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Our integrated solutions help you meet your unique objectives.

World Leader in PMDD Turbine Technology

Our signature PMDD technology delivers superior performance and effciency.

  • Higher Efficiency

    Instead of using a gearbox to increase rotor shaft speed,PMDD turbines convert the full rotor torque into electricity.Goldwind’s designs deliver higher efficiency than traditional generators, producing considerable absolute gains across large installations.

  • Lower Maintenance Costs

    The more streamlined and reliable PMDD design saves on repairs and maintenance, helping to substantially reduce the overall cost of operation when compared to competing systems.

  • Higher Availability

    By eliminating many of the moving parts involved in traditional designs, PMDD technology reduces equipment failure rates and keeps generation online more reliably. Goldwind generators routinely achieve more than 98% availability.

  • Reliable Grid Connection

    With zero power-grid impact, excellent performance, and low-voltage ride-through capability, Goldwind’s wind turbine generators are ready to be a dependable part of any energy grid.

Our offerings are based on decades of R&D and manufacturing experience and continuous improvement. 
The differentiated nature of these designs allows us to tailor solutions for wind power generation in a wide range of operating environments.
We have equipment to deal with challenging conditions including hot and cold weather extremes, high altitude, low wind speeds, high humidity and offshore installation.

We focus on service for you

Energy Everywhere

With over 38 GW of installed wind power capacity worldwide and approximately 26,000 wind turbine units running in nearly 20 countries on six continents, Goldwind has been leading the world with customized energy solutions to meet customer’s diverse profiles and needs.


From our utility scale projects to direct-to-consumer partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, Goldwind adapts its best-in-class technology to fit a variety of project opportunities.

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