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Our integrated solutions help you meet your unique objectives.

As a provider of integrated solutions, Goldwind delivers a unique value proposition through its full range of offerings across the product life cycle. From the project planning phase, all the way through the operating life, Goldwind’s bespoke products help you, our customer, meet your unique objectives.


Our superior permanent magnet direct-drive (PMDD) technology allows us to deliver generation capacity that is more efficient and cost-effective than competing options. However, our achievements in innovation don’t end there. Goldwind is pioneering new technological trends in the energy business, including the usage of smart microgrid solutions that can operate either on isolated or non-isolated modes in coordination with the main grid.

Our support for you begins with the sales effort. Goldwind representatives aim to make your project success from the outset, helping you to choose the most effective equipment for your operating environment. Meanwhile, we also facilitate capital investment and financing solutions, as well as coordinating solutions that ensure your organization can secure the funds required to realize your vision and objectives.

  • Our offerings are based on decades of R&D and manufacturing experience and continuous improvement. The differentiated nature of these designs allows us to tailor solutions for wind power generation in a wide range of operating environments. We have equipment to deal with challenging conditions including hot and cold weather extremes, high altitude, low wind speeds, high humidity and offshore installation.

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  • Smart microgrids are the core of smart energy efficiency solutions which are able to improve proportion of renewable energy by providing multi-energy cooperation networks; monitoring and diagnosis systems, communication systems and data cloud platforms.


    They help customers to maximize energy efficiency and create efficient, clean, low carbon, recyclable and green energy systems.

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