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Reliable financial partnership over full project life .

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Goldwind International offers reliable and flexible cooperation models to partners over full project life.  We are open to sponsor project development, provide construction equity,
and assist to secure bank-financing solutions from senior debt to bridge loan, on top of supplying bankable turbines and services.


Till today, Goldwind International has provided equity solutions for over 10 projects in 5 countries. We welcome partnerships with globally active companies.


How we add value to projects

  • Development expenses
    Flexible models
    Development expenses
    Call option
  • Financing
    Bankable turbines and services
    Debt funding solutions
    Credit support
  • Construction
    Bankable turbines and services
    EPC services
  • Capital Exit
    Connections with potential buyers with competitive capital cost

International Track Record

Country Project name Capacity (MW) COD Project status
Australia White Rock 175 2017 75% transfer to CEWPC ; 25% owned by Goldwind
Australia Mortan's Lane 19.5 2012 100% transfer to CGN
Australia Gullen Range 165.5 2014 75% transfer to Jingneng; 25% owned by Goldwind
Panama Penonome I 55 2014 100% owned by Goldwind
USA Musselshell 21 2012 100% owned by Goldwind
USA Uilk 4.5 2010 100% owned by Goldwind
USA Shady Oaks 109.5 2012 100% transfer to Algonquin