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Goldwind delivers a unique value proposition
through its full range of offerings
across the wind farm life cycle.

Goldwind isn’t in the renewable-energy business
because it’s the flavour of the moment.

We’ve been here from three decades and today we share our capability and expertise with the world.

Our signature PMDD technology delivers superior performance and

Less mechanical loss
Higher reliability
Substantially lower O&M cost

Regional Centers

Wherever you are, there’s a Goldwind center in your region
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Becoming one of the world’s largest players in renewable energy takes time and rigorous planning. Established in 1998, from the outset Goldwind aimed to become the fully integrated business that it is today, delivering customer value by uniting investment, sales, service and innovation.


Our customers seek us out because we have established experience and expertise not just in wind turbine engineering and manufacturing, but also in services, solutions, investment and a range of emerging and synergistic technologies. Renewable energy generation capacity isn’t just a product: it’s a whole industry and ecosystem.

Understanding Goldwind