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ApplyWind Resources Engineer

Job Area :Technical
Location :Beijing, China
Category :Full time

Responsibility :
  • 1.Provide everyday wind technicques and providing wind resource consultation service for all GWI departments.

  • 2.Compile reports on sales and wind resource analysis and model-selection.

  • 3.Investigate the the wind power sites and compile investigation reports.

  • 4.Conduct the microcosmic and spot location-selecting.

  • Compile reports and participate in the appraisal of plans.

  • 5.Provide wind resource consultancy service.

  • 6.Organize wind power research and compile research reports.

  • 7.Collect the market information and technical demand.

  • Provide feedback to directors of departments and information administrator.

  • 8.Organize and archive the project materials.

  • 9.Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.

Requirements :
  • 1.Major/Degree: Bachelor degree or higher; major in Wind Power, Atmospheric Sciences or in Fluid Mechanics.

  • 2.Age/Gender: above 25 years old.

  • 3.Qualification/working experience: above 1 year of working experience in wind resource.

  • 4.Have basic knowledge of company products.

  • Have excellent skills in wind resource software and spot location-selecting software.

  • 5.Have excellent communication and coordination skills and great impetus.

  • 6.Have excellent office software skills.

  • 7.English fluency.

Marketing Analysis Manager

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