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Job Area :Functional
Location :Beijing, China; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina
Category :Full time

Responsibility :
  • 1. Participate in creating financial planning, auditing, analyzing and supervising the implementation of budgeting and the execution of plans.

  • 2. Carry out accurate and in-time accounting and closing of accounts, conduct financial accounting, fill in and examine accounting documents, keep a record of subsidiary accounts, count payments and receipts of funds, property receiving, dispatch, increase, decrease and utilization, assets increase, decrease and fund revenue and expenditure.

  • 3. Calculate revenue, expense and cost, calculate financial results, and compile monthly, quarterly and annual accounting statements.

  • 4. Be responsible for primary examination of bill reimbursement, examine the legality, rationality and authenticity of source documents, examine whether expense approval process is compliant with regulations of the Company.

  • 5. In charge of monthly reconciliation.

  • 6. In charge of financial account ledger compilation and management.

  • 7. In charge of monthly tax declaration, settlement and payment of annual income tax, issue value added tax invoice and communicate with Tax Department.

  • 8. In charge of the cooperation in preparing materials for annual audit and in filing out all the information, etc.

  • 9. In charge of the examination and declaration of the insurance fund for the disabled; In charge of declaration and annual survey of quarterly and annual data of Statistical Bureau and State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

  • 10. In charge of annual financial budget statement and its analysis, provide in-time and accurate financial information and suggestions.

  • 11. In charge of managing and filing accounting source documents, account books and statements, etc.

  • 12. Complete other business assigned by leaders.

Requirements :
  • 1. Major/Degree: Bachelor degree and above in accounting or other related majors.

  • 2. Age/Gender: at least 24 years old

  • 3. Qualification/working experience: At least 2 years of working experience in finance and accounting.

  • 4. Excel in State finance and tax laws and regulations, financial accounting, financial management, financial analysis and financial forecasting.

  • 5. Be familiar with national accounting laws and regulations; Understand tax regulations and relevant tax policies.

  • 6. Be familiar with bank business and tax declaration procedures.

  • 7. Strong communication, coordination and problem solving abilities; Good command of English speaking, listening, reading and writing.

  • 8. Sound logical thinking, clear-and quick-minded, good at structured analysis.

  • 9. A good command of financial office software.

  • 10. Honest, upright, meticulous and patient; a strong sense of responsibility and team spirit.

Marketing Analysis Manager

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