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Goldwind Will Work In Depth Cooperation With Wind Solar Energy On Wind Power Projects In Ukraine

Recently, “Goldwind International Holdings (HK)”, a wholly owned subsidiary of “Xinjiang Goldwind Science&Technology Co. LTD”, and “Wind Solar Energy” LLC, a Ukrainian company, have reached consents to co-operate on 360MW Ukrainian wind power projects and will sign a strategic cooperation agreement. The wind power projects involved will use GW140/3.0s turbines, according to the proposed collaboration. Currently, all wind power projects involved have signed Pre-PPA and have obtained licensing documents. As the next step, the both sides will work together on searching for investors and financial solutions.

In order to control the cost of the project within a reasonable range, Goldwind will provide assistance in promoting the localization of towers in Ukraine, as well as providing support in training and experience-sharing to the Ukrainian JSC “Korosten Chemical Engineering Plant” in Zhytomyr region.

Ukraine's Minister of Infrastructure, Vladimir OMelian, has stated that Ukraine will increase investments on infrastructure to enhance the country’s level of participation in "Belt and Road Initiative". In recent years, Ukraine has increased the share of renewable energy in its power mix, and the state has established a comprehensive renewable energy development plan, making Ukraine a huge potential market for renewables.     

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