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Goldwind International encompasses 7 regional centers to support our customers on every continent.
Wherever you are, there’s a Goldwind office or facility in your region

"Goldwind first began its international endeavors in 2008 by delivering 6 units of GW 50/750kW wind turbines to Cuba, Latin America. This first international contract has led to the global expansion of Goldwind on six continents.

To date, 2017, Goldwind has established itself with installations in the South American markets of Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia and Cuba and with strong potential markets in Brazil and Argentina.”

Regional General Manager of Goldwind South America
Liang Xuan
  Goldwind Brazil General Manager
José Eduardo Teixeira de Carvalho Filho

Goldwind’s South American headquarters is located in São Paulo (Brazil), with offices in Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires (Argentina), Havana (Cuba) and Quito (Ecuador). We have been providing development, construction and operation services for generation and transmission of electrical energy in this region.

Goldwind has granted a special award for Villonaco project in Ecuador and Cuban Gibara-II project has become one of China's landmark projects.

Projects in the region

  • Gibara-2

    Turbine Type:GW 50/750
    Turbine Number:6
    Capacity:4.5 MW

  • Villonaco

    Turbine Type:GW 70/1500
    Turbine Number:11
    Capacity:16.5 MW

  • Qollpana

    Turbine Type:GW 77/1500
    Turbine Number:2
    Capacity:3 MW

  • Punta Sierra

    Turbine Type:GW 121/2500
    Turbine Number:32
    Capacity:80 MW