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Goldwind International encompasses 7 regional centers to support our customers on every continent.
Wherever you are, there’s a Goldwind office or facility in your region

“Goldwind’s advanced PMDD technology, originating from Europe, has been greatly enhanced in China. Goldwind Europe Regional Center hopes to bring the enhanced PMDD technology, excellent wind turbines and high quality service packages back to European customers.

Supported by the Chinese “One Belt, One Road” policy, Goldwind Europe provides integrated wind farm solutions for its European clients.

Regional General Manager of Goldwind Europe
Xiong Bozeng
  Goldwind Turkey General Manager
Ayhan Gok

Goldwind Europe, founded in 2012, provides best-in-class wind turbines and best-in-class service. Furthermore, we offer equity and financing solutions to our customers. Goldwind Europe’s headquarters is located in Istanbul, Turkey. In addition, Service offices are located in Romania and France.

Turkey, as a key market offers fixed feed-in tariffs to achieve its target of reaching a share of up to 30% of renewables by 2023. The new incentive system, escalating energy demands and the growing economy provide us a great opportunity to penetrate into the Turkish market.

Projects in the region

  • Mireasa

    Turbine Type:GW 100/2500
    Turbine Number:20
    Capacity:50 MW

  • Montjoyer

    Turbine Type:GW 48/750
    Turbine Number:14
    Capacity:10.5 MW

  • Savastepe & Bandirma

    Under Construction

    Turbine Type:GW 82/1500
    Turbine Number:7
    Capacity:10.5 MW

  • Bahadirlar

    Under Construction

    Turbine Type:GW 50/750
    Turbine Number:7
    Capacity:5.25 MW

  • Address

    Levent Loft Residence, Esentepe Mahallesi, Büyükdere Caddesi, No:201, A Blok D:34, 34394, Şişli, İstanbul – Türkiye

  • Telephone

    +90 212 280 00 15

  • E-mail