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Goldwind International encompasses 7 regional centers to support our customers on every continent.
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"Goldwind Australia is pleased to have contributed to the global fight against climate change by providing sustainable clean energy to the community. In Australia, the government committed to the 2020 Renewable Energy Target (RET) to encourage sustainable growth in renewable energy. As a wholly owned subsidiary, Goldwind Australia has serviced the Australian wind power market from offices in Sydney and Melbourne.


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We have delivered the Mortons Lane and Gullen Range Wind Farm projects. Goldwind is now constructing White Rock Wind Farm which is located in the Northern Tablelands of NSW. We are committed to developing community awareness for environmental protection and to promote the concept of clean power. Through frequent and continuing support of industry associations, Goldwind helps bring together industrial companies, technical experts, business and government leaders to further the goals of the renewable energy industry beyond 2020."

Managing Director of Goldwind Australia
John Titchen

Goldwind Australia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldwind International, was established in 2009 to serve the Australian and the regional wind power markets. Goldwind’s expertise offers PMDD turbine sales, wind farm investment with financing solutions, project management and operations and maintenance services. Goldwind Australia has two different office locations. The head office was established in Sydney in 2009 and in 2010, a second office which is located in Melbourne was opened.

Goldwind Australia’s experienced team has local and global knowledge, including expertise in the Australian wind industry and business expertise and experience in sales, investment, technology, commerce, construction and operation.

Projects in the region

  • Gullen Range

    Turbine Type:GW 82/1500, GW 100/2500
    Turbine Number:73
    Capacity:165.5 MW

  • Mortan's Lane

    Turbine Type:GW 82/1500
    Turbine Number:13
    Capacity:19.5 MW

  • White Rock

    Turbine Type:GW 121/2500
    Turbine Number:70
    Capacity:175 MW