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Goldwind International encompasses 7 regional centers to support our customers on every continent.
Wherever you are, there’s a Goldwind office or facility in your region

“Since its inception, Goldwind USA has experienced significant growth throughout North America as a direct result of the company’s world-leading permanent magnet direct drive (PMDD) turbine technology and commitment to best-in-class services and solutions.


Our utility scale and direct-to-consumer wind projects now stretch from Big Sky Country, Montana to Fortune 500 manufacturing facilities in Ohio, and south to the diverse landscapes of Panama. We are proud of Goldwind’s innovative PMDD technology and the level of focus our colleagues from all over the world dedicate to the operations of more than 38 GW of installed capacity with industry-leading availability of 98% or better.




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Goldwind USA continues to anticipate the future needs of its customers and is developing new products and solutions to meet those demands. Through the expansion of the 1.5MW, 2.5MW and 3.0MW turbine product lines, - designed to maximize project economics at unique wind sites while maintaining world-class standards of reliability, availability, and generating efficiency – Goldwind USA can capitalize on the robust growth of North American wind markets, among the fastest growing in the world.

This, along with the work done by our exceptional team, underscores our steadfast commitment to exceptional quality, service and safety, further proof of our long-term approach to innovating for a brighter future.”

Chief Executive Officer of Goldwind USA
David James Sale

Goldwind USA, founded in 2010 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, offers a full suite of innovative renewable energy solutions, including equipment sales, service, and capital. With more than 100 team members, Goldwind USA has become the preeminent leader of PMDD technology throughout North America. Goldwind USA continues to drive the energy revolution through the innovation of competitive and sustainable energy products and solutions.


Goldwind USA offers a comprehensive, turnkey menu of services including project development, turbine engineering, project management/supervision and after-sales services. In addition to our breadth of project work, we also engage several financing solutions by leveraging an extensive network of global resources and our finance arm, Goldwind Capital.

Building upon our strong foundation rooted in wind power solutions and permanent magnet direct drive expertise, we continue to explore the potential to combine wind power with other forms of renewable energy. This includes the pursuit and development of wind and solar power generation, smart Microgrids, energy savings, and technical and operational solutions. Providing clean, cost efficient renewable energy is an urgent, global imperative. Goldwind is dedicated to furthering the most advanced and cost-efficient wind power projects, continually raising the bar through a steadfast commitment to innovation.

Projects in the region

  • Shady Oaks

    Turbine Type:GW 82/1500; GW 100/2500
    Turbine Number:71
    Capacity:109.5 MW

  • Whirlpool

    Turbine Type:GW 87/1500
    Turbine Number:2
    Capacity:3 MW

  • Rattlesnake

    Turbine Type:GW 109/2500
    Turbine Number:64
    Capacity:160 MW