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We are advancing into an era where renewable, clean energy will be the norm.


At Goldwind, we feel like the world is just starting to catch up with our vision. We began our journey to become a world-leading wind turbine manufacturer, service provider and investor almost three decades ago. Today, we stand exactly where we intended to be: at the leading edge of a rapidly changing energy landscape .

  • 2017

    Goldwind is ranked No.3 in the world for new wind turbine installation capacity, with 5.6 GW newly installed during the year

  • 2013

    Goldwind is selected twice as one of MIT Technology Review’s 50 Most Innovative Companies

  • 1998

    Goldwind first establishes itself as a wind turbine manufacturer

  • 1986

    Goldwind founders set up the first wind farm.

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Management Structure of Goldwind International

Our Executive Team
  • Mr. Pan YantianGeneral Manager
  • Mr. Wang HaiDeputy General Manager


  • Mr. Andreas DupuisDeputy General Manager


  • Mr. Chen NingDeputy General Manager


  • Mr. Wu HaoDeputy General Manager

    Project Management

Pan Yantian
General Manager

Mr. Pan Yantian, General Manager, takes full responsibility of Goldwind International, building beneficial business models & strategic plans, and guiding Goldwind to accelerate the process of globalization.

Mr. Pan already had more than 20 years’ experiences in international engineering design & construction, trade, business management, strategic planning, M & A, and intercultural communication before joining Goldwind in 2012. He continues his professional career in leading GWI to achieve success in the global wind power industry.

Pan, who has got the professional title of senior economist, graduated at Nankai University in 2001 with a master degree of economics as well as a bachelor degree of water resources & hydropower engineering at Tianjin University in 1992.


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Wang Hai
Deputy General Manager

Mr. Wang Hai, Deputy General Manager is responsible for the international Service, Technical Support Product, Wind Resources Support, and QHSE in GWI.

Mr. Wang joined Goldwind in 1999 and has nearly 20 years’ experience in the wind power industry, especially in the wind farm service sector. He was the former general manager of Tianyuan from 2007 to 2012, which is another wholly owned subsidiary of Goldwind Science and Technology and focuses in wind farm EPC and turbine service business, which emphasizes his broad knowhow about this technology.

With all his knowledge he is contributing to the benefit of GWI to push forward the internationalization process and the global expansion of Goldwind.

Wang Hai graduated from the Xinjiang Engineering College in 1999, which nowadays belongs to Xinjiang University. He holds a bachelor degree in electrical engineering and automation.


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Andreas Dupuis
Deputy General Manager
(Sales, Key Account Management)

Mr. Andreas Dupuis, Deputy General Manager is responsible for the international Sales and key account management.

Mr. Dupuis has proven success in setting up and establishing regional organizations, and developing market entry strategies for new markets. He has broad experience in various international leadership roles in IT and energy business, includes posts in China, India and Germany. Broad technical and commercial knowledge helps him to successfully accomplish Business Management and Project Implementation tasks.

Andreas Dupuis graduated in 1988 at the Technical University of Munich in Germany with a master degree in electrical engineering.


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Chen Ning
Deputy General Manager

Mr. Chen Ning, Deputy General Manager is responsible for GWI wind farm development and investment. He is leading to contribute to the benefit of GWI by power generation income and facilitating the turbine supply business. Chen Ning is now based in Australia, where he is also playing a key management and a board director role in the regional center of Goldwind Australia.

With over ten years’ experience in Goldwind, Chen Ning was involved in the establishment of Goldwind International and became a member of the board of directors. As Deputy General Manager of the company, he directly manages investment and project development & financing activities. He managed numbers of development right acquisitions and late stage development also successful sell down during construction phase with project financing arrangements.

Chen Ning graduated from the Northwestern Polytechnic University with a bachelor's degree in computer science.


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Wu Hao
Deputy General Manager

Mr. Wu Hao has joined Goldwind since February 22, 2018. He works as GWI Deputy General Manager and takes charge of MENA Center, Goldwind AUS and Project Management Department directly as well as project execution functionally.

Before joining us, Mr. Wu Hao worked in China Longyuan Power Group for 16 years. His initial role was Senior Project Manager in Wind Power R&D Center. he had ever worked in Xinjiang Water Resources Department as Assistant Engineer for 4 years, Xinjiang Power Company as Wind Turbine Assemble Plant Director, Tianfeng Infrastructure Manger and Chief Engineer for 8 years,

Demark NEG. Micon Wind Power Equipment Company for 2 years. Mr. Wu Hao received his master’s degree of art in Enterprise Management from Capital University of Economics and Business.


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