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Company Profile

We deliver extraordinary value through our holistic approach.

Goldwind, established in 1998, is an international enterprise specializing in wind turbine generators, R&D and manufacturing of its innovative leading edge wind turbine technology; Permanent Magnet Direct-Drive (PMDD). Our product technologies are exceptionally reliable with high quality. In 2007, Goldwind undertook an initial public offering and listing of A Shares on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE:002202). In 2010, the company listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HK Stock Code: 2208).

As a leading comprehensive wind power solutions provider in China and abroad, Goldwind continues to compete with a strategy for long-term development, prioritizing product quality and seeking to meet varied demands of all our customers. We increased our R&D efforts by acquiring the German company VENSYS, what further improved our product quality and explored additional potential values in our services. At the end of 2016, the Group’s accumulated installed capacity exceeded 38GW comprised over 25,862 units of installed WTGs worldwide.

Goldwind International Holdings Ltd. (Goldwind International) was formed in Hong Kong in January 2011 with HK$20 million in capital. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Goldwind International consists of 7 regional centers: Goldwind USA, Goldwind Australia, Goldwind South America, Goldwind Asia, Goldwind Europe and Goldwind Africa to consistently offer intergraded solutions for meeting the various challenges and requirements to the globe market.

As the end of Dec 31st, 2016, our international contract capacity almost reached 2GW and more than 700 units of WTGs delivered to nearly 20 countries across six continents, such as USA, Panama, Ecuador, Chile, Australia, Pakistan, Thailand, Ethiopia, Romania, Turkey etc., Goldwind’s excellent performance record has gained recognition from global customers.

Our integrated approach to wind power

Becoming one of the world’s largest players in renewable energy takes time and rigorous planning. Established in 1998, from the outset Goldwind aimed to become the fully integrated business that it is today, delivering customer value by uniting investment, sales, service and innovation.

Goldwind is now securing the achievement of its third and most pivotal aspiration. On the back of global manufacturing, research and investment efforts, we now serve and partner with our clients throughout the world to drive forward the march of clean energy and transform the future of our planet.




Seven regional centers are set up.

Recognized by international credit rating agency

Goldwind gets BBB- and Baa3 degree of bond credit rating from Standard & Poor's and Moody's.

Site Specification

Goldwind’s turbines using 120m soft tower in Thailand are connected to the grid.

Capital internationalization

Goldwind’s first green bonds are launched overseas.

Number 1 in 2015

Goldwind is ranked first in the world for new wind turbine installation capacity , with 7.8 GW newly installed during the year.

Service has become an important part of overseas business

Goldwind wins its first 15 - year operation and maintenance contract in Thailand.

Recognized by international financial institution

Goldwind’s Gullen Range investment project in Australia gets the non-recourse project finance.

Our biggest overseas TSA project

Goldwind’s biggest overseas project (215 MW) goes into commercial operation in Panama.

Technical innovation

Goldwind is selected twice in two years as one of MIT Technology Review’s 50 Most Innovative Companies.

First EPC project

In Ecuador, Goldwind signs its first engineering, procurement and construction contract.

Overseas investment

Goldwind invests in the Uilk Wind Farm in Pipestone, Minnesota – its first in the United States.

Overseas mergers and acquisitions

Goldwind acquires Vensys, a European pioneer in PMDD technology.

Goldwind makes its initial public offering on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Later, in 2010, the company lists on the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited.

Goldwind identifies PMDD as the core technology for its future wind turbines.

Goldwind first establishes itself as a wind turbine manufacturer.

Goldwind founders set up their first wind farm.


Our corporate policies and measures comply with international standards.


Our corporate governance is certified by a third authoritative authority.